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Liam Gallagher

Now That I've Found You 7-Inch Vinyl


Release Date: 25/10/2019

Discs: 1

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Having made the comeback of the year with 2017’s ‘As You Were’, Liam vowed to get down to business and do it all over again – but better. It’s a mission statement that he’s unquestionably achieved with today’s release of his second solo album ‘Why Me? Why Not.’

It’s an album that finds Liam doing what he does best. That voice of a generation powers a collection of songs which are not only a level above his debut, but also that possess a rich emotional resonance. There are times when his vocal fires on all cylinders with a visceral, attitude-rich intensity. But at the other extreme, ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ also captures a new-found sense of poignancy and reflection.

That spectrum has been reflected by the tracks which have previewed the album’s release: ‘One of Us’, ‘Once’, ‘Shockwave’ and ‘The River’.

“I can’t rest on my laurels,” says Liam of his approach to the album. “I need to be smashing it. I want to get bigger. I want even more people to be getting into it. I want to sell out huge fields. I always want to look forward. That’s my whole thing.”

‘Why Me? Why Not.’ was written by Liam with producers Andrew Wyatt and Greg Kurstin, and recorded in Los Angeles and at RAK Studios in London. Wyatt and Kurstin previously contributed writing and production to Liam’s all-conquering debut solo album ‘As You Were’, and Liam was keen to get even deeper with them this time. As a result, ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ is a clear upgrade on ‘As You Were’ but not a radical departure.

A. Now That I've Found You
B. Etching